Despite the long history of telecommunication industry, we have never seen such a vast number of new technologies being developed one after another in a short span of time until last two or three years, due to the rapid growth of the Internet. In order to further nourish the development of telecommunication equipment, Japan.
Voluntary Laboratories Association for Telecommunication Equipment(JVLATE) was established by the testing laboratories certified by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the agents handling application process, in September 1999.
Our mission includes trying out best to familiarize foreign testing laboratories and manufacturers with Japanese standards, lean technology necessary for conformance approval testing for other countries, and exchange testing data and results according to Mutual Regulatory Agreement (MRA).
Also, our members hold subcommittee meetings to utilize each member's specialty.
We sincerely hope that Japanese conformance approval testing of telecommunication equipment will be recognized internationally, and that we contribute to further development of telecommunication industry.

Japan Voluntary Laboratory Association for Telecommunication Equipment
Nobuhiro Nakanishi, Chairman
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